mr sharma moments

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis 
on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without 
rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Six months ago I sat in a small room in India. My feet were tired but my mind raced on. I sat there with a friend I’d met a few weeks before. She was from New Zealand and one of those people who you know has walked into the door of your life at just the right time.

We sat there together on the edges of plastic seats staring at an old man and peeling paint.

We’d decided to see an astrologer. Or maybe he’d decided to see us. Whatever the case, we’d found him.

And when we arrived, the door to his room was open. We peered inside and he waved us in eagerly. He invited us to sit down. So we sat, perched forward on these old chairs as sweat dripped down our backs.

The old man slowly wrote down our details. When he finished he looked up at us and smiled. Then he leant back into his chair and said nothing. He let his gaze drift outside the little doorway.

We shifted anxiously on our seats, eager to have our futures revealed.

When was he going to start?

I looked at my friend and she looked at me.

Finally, another man appeared and served us some biscuits and tea – delicious masala chai. And we all sat there in silence. As the tea warmed my lips I slowly inched back into my chair. I let my body begin to melt into it – hot, sweaty and relaxed. The old man smiled at me.

Minutes ticked by. I let myself sink deeper and deeper into that chair. I felt the tension ease. I hadn’t realised how uptight I was until there was a little time to let it all go. I looked out of the little doorway and watched the people walk by. I breathed in, and out – and ate another biscuit. And as I unwound, I realised that old man had decided to teach us a lesson that day. He didn’t say a word about it but I knew he was drawing us into the present moment. And it wasn’t until we arrived in that moment, that he began talking of the future.

My friend and I called it a ‘Mr Sharma Moment’. I promised myself I would always remember to take the time for a Mr Sharma Moment each day. I was reminded of that story as hot tea warmed my lips after yoga this morning.

There is always time to stop, breathe and let yourself find the moment. There is always time for a Mr Sharma Moment in your day.

About a lifetime of lessons

Inspired by life. I love challenges and new experiences. On the brink of an adventure to discover, and rediscover... In the year of my thirtieth birthday I decided to throw in my job, put my money on red and take the gamble of a lifetime... a one way ticket... This blog documents my journey. Feel free to visit whenever you like, comment and follow my travels here :) View all posts by a lifetime of lessons

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