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turn it around

Take a chance. 

So we spent all these years, building walls between us, and our flaws. And we thought we were building them for protection, but they have become our own personal prisons.

Insulation – between us and the outside/ Liberation – we are longing to find.

And we try to explain through jumbled refrain, but instead of searching for solutions, we make the problems our game.

Confusion abounds, but still we do as we’ve done. Weariness compounds, but still we run.

There are a thousand reasons we can’t if we want there to be. And there are a thousand reasons we can if we are ready.

Our story is written by the eyes through which we see. But our emotions, and our ego, often make us think it can’t be.

We get what we give.

We feel negative/ we live negative ~ we live negative/ we feel negative.

Turn it around.

Governed by rulers in far off lands. Governed by what we imagine we should do, what we should plan.

Those fears that become our chains, they can also free us, and smash the walls we made…

Walk into them, rather than away. Walk through them, in full colour, instead of grey.

They will be our teachers, if we are brave enough to change. They will be the very reasons, to embrace the mistakes we made.

Step into the wild. Let it all go. Go someplace you’ve never been before. Accept that you may never know.

Risk. Risk for love. Risk for life. Risk making a fool. Risk in the darkest hour, of the night.


Seek, and you will find. Perhaps not what you thought you needed, or wanted, but you will – find.

Smash out those fears, and start something new. Today, make a commitment, to you.

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