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‘Gently’, she said…

‘Please, treat me gently’.

We didn’t come here looking for a reason. We didn’t come here looking for answers. We didn’t come here looking for a fight.

We came here, screaming with raw energy.

The search for more, began much later. As a child, there was always enough. Satisfaction was instantaneous, our needs based wholly on comfort, and survival.

When did it all become so complicated? When did we become so consumed?

This machine we have created, is hungry. We feed its greed. We need to. We are hooked on the quick fix it provides us with. The problem is, we have created within ourselves, something that needs to be filled. A void, so deep, we can barely sense it’s depth. It beckons and calls, and just when we think we may have filled it, it screams with a shattering emptiness. It will become us, always searching, if we let it.

Look it in the eye, stand strong and take it on. Realise that you have every thing you need to fill that void, within you already. Stop the search and listen. Can you feel it? The raw energy that you felt as a child?

The look of it. The smell of it. The taste of it. The sound of it. The feel of it.

It is enough.


‘Gently,’ she said…

‘Please, treat yourself gently’.

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