in the spaces between

Have you ever had a conversation without words, in the spaces between?


Have you ever had the feeling when you first met someone, that you have known them for years?


Have you ever felt comfort in a touch? Felt familiarity in a look? Caught a sideways glance knowing it said something?


Have you looked across the room at someone and spoke with your eyes?


There is so much that can be said without uttering a single sound…


The more you learn to look at the spaces between the words, the more you hear.  And when the noise is muffled, sometimes it’s the silence that is clear.


So if you listen… like really listen… you will start to hear the sound of your own heart beating. You will catch your breath on your lips; feel your eyelids open, then close (real, but fleeting)…


You will feel your feet on the ground, and become conscious of how they carry you around; all those places you go, the things you see, the things you do, the people you know…


And the eyes will reveal, what the words do not. Touch will tear back more truths than a thousand words lost.


When you can begin to trust your own senses instead of drowning them in distraction…  you can begin to understand a moment, and feel genuine attraction.


And when you pull yourself into that moment you can hear all the sounds that get caught in the middle/ you can feel things you might otherwise be unaware of/ there is great depth in things apparently simple.


Look in the spaces between/ they are where real life is lived/ only in silence can words be heard, and believed.

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